Top Deals on Tv and Appliances Year End Sale

Hello guys welcome to this article so, today we will be going to talk about Top Deals on Tv and Appliances Year End Sale. The biggest bargains and offers on every product are presently available during the Flipkart Year End Sale 2023 and it is stared on 09 to 16 December. You may know Christmas and New Years is coming soon and this is the festival where people celebrate with their loved one by giving surprising gift Flipkart Big Year End Sale is the major sale, which give you offer up to 50% to 60% in all products. So, if you have missed the last few offers, then this the best chance to grab the opportunity again. So, in Flipkart Big Year End Sale we will explore some Top Deals on Tv and Appliances, if you are planning to buy electronic product then read this article, we will be going to explore its features and specification, in details, so, let’s start this article without wasting any time.

Top Deals on Tv and Appliances Year End Sale:

1. Mi X Series 108 Cm:

Top Deals on Tv and Appliances Year End Sale

Simple it is good in this price segment, Picture quality excellent, its viewing angle very good, sound quality good and its build quality is also perfect. This TV offers you, 4K resolution, which provides you incredible clarity and awe-inspiring vision, so you can enjoy sharp, bright, and distinct images every time you turn on the TV thanks to greater pixel density. Dolby Vision Superiority give your Tv genuine color and contrast, precisely as the creator envisioned. This TV featuring 30W Speaker which provide a clear audiovisual experience. Its access to 30+ OTT applications, 90+ Live channels, and special features like Universal Search, Kids Mode, Live Sports, and Smart Recommendations, all provided through the mind-blowing Patch Wall and also it has android supremacy 5000+ apps and games from the play store and you can also cast your favorite photos and videos from thousands of apps with a tap of a button. The RAM capacity of this smart Tv is 2 Gb and Memory Storage is 8 Gb, it has Android operating system. This exceptional connectivity, like 3 HDMI 2.1 Ports, 2 USB Ports, Ethernet, AV Input, Optical, Headphone Jack, and Wireless Technologies like Dual Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. The TV comes with a stylish, latest remote that makes using a variety of buttons and features simple. Now if we talk about its actual price then the MRP of the Mi X Series 108 Cm is 42,999 but in Flipkart Big Year End offer you will get this Tv only at Rs 25,499.

2. Whirlpool 7 kg Magic Clean:

Top Deals on Tv and Appliances Year End Sale

It is a great machine with less buttons which is way convenient for elders or starters who will be easy to use. Good for small family, clean and simple UI and easy to operate. This washing machine’s tub fills up in a fast manner, which integrated with ZPF Technology, and it’s had excellent spin speed up to 740 RPM and this washing machine ensure rapid performance. It has three button controls panel, with just a simple click of 123 this washing machine, advanced performance takes, overs deliver good performance which simplifies your washing experience. You store water in the tub for your next wash with Aqua Store. It has a Spiro Wash Action utilizes a circular pattern, resulting in a though and complete wash of your clothes. This washing machine lets you shorten the duration of your wash cycle with Express wash. The Auto Tub Clean help to cleans the inner walls of the tub thoroughly with the help of water used in the wash cycle. With delay wash of this washing machine help you the flexibility to schedule your laundry cycle with a delay of 3 to 24 hours. The washing machine was equipped with an advance magic lint filter that work to clean the lint from the machine during the spin cycle of every wash, rendering manual intervention unnecessary. Its effected Noise Reduction, that allow use its day or night without disrupting the peaceful atmosphere of your home. Now the actual MRP price this washing machine is 19,350 Rs but in offer you will get this Rs. 14,870.

3. LG 655 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator:

Top Deals on Tv and Appliances Year End Sale

This LG 655 Refrigerator Looks very elegant with huge space in both the fridge and the freezer side. The depth of the side bins is very good, and it protects from accidental touch. A refrigerator with multiple cooling features certainly adds to the pleasure of summer. This refrigerator contains Express Freeze Ice Maker which can increase the quantity of ice and the freezing potential. You can also adjust the humidity with a simple switch inside the fridge. LG’s Smart Diagnosis enables you to troubleshoot issues, allowing you to trace and correct faults at the mechanical level yourself. Its Air Vents for Circulation ensures uniform, fast cooling, allowing fruits and vegetables to stay fresh for a long duration. LG 655 L designed with progressive technology, this refrigerator manages voltage fluctuations and power outages effectively. To prevent chilled air from escaping, this refrigerator is equipped with an intelligent alarm system that beeps when your refrigerator’s door is left open for an extended period of time. Safety Child Lock ensures the safety of your child while keeping the appliance’s functioning unaltered and the bio-shield gasket and tempered-glass framework further enhance the durability of this appliance. The Price of LG 655L in offer is Rs. 72,990 but the market price is Rs. 1,20,699.

4. Juice Mixer Grinder:

Top Deals on Tv and Appliances Year End Sale

This Juice Mixer Grinder is a best product in a budget friendly type, the motor is powerful, the jar is very compactable with low sound and with compact design and built quality. This mixer grinder allows versatile operations, it gride your pastes, chutney, blending, mixing juice, grinding spices in a smooth way. It has powerful 500 W Motor; it’s coming with three highly durable and extremely strong jars with PC lids that help in holding the contents intact and prevent any leakage. It comes with vacuum feel to allow ease of operations and this anti-skid base helps in keeping the appliance in place by preventing it from moving or sliding while use. The jars are designed with handles that easy to grip. The handles are strong enough to hold ingredients in heavy quantities in place without breaking. The blades of the jars are made from premium quality stainless steel. These blades are strong and help you to grinding and blending ingredients of varying textures effortlessly and in no time. This mixer grinder comes with an auto cut-off feature and a motor overload protector which ensure that the motor does not get damaged when the jars are overloaded or when the grinder is overused. Now if we talk about its price then the actual MPR Price of this Mixer Grinder is Rs. 3,699 but on Big Year End offer you will get this Rs. 1,799.

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In this article we have suggest you some Top deals on electronic and accessories, we hope after reading this article you get good knowledge about electronic and accessories, but if you have any doubt or you have to ask any question then you can comment us in a section below, we will try to solve your problem. Now we are ending this article, and we will right back very soon in another informative article, till now share this article to your friends and family those are planning to buy electronic and accessories. So have a good day guys and bye-bye.

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